Thursday, December 31, 2009

Vinegar, versatile vinegar!!

Soooo... Since becoming an chemical paranoid hippy type mama, I've fallen in LOVE with vinegar. For $4 a gallon a Costco, you can't really go wrong.I have one (dollar store) spray bottle with pure vinegar and another with vinegar and a bunch of drops of Tea Tree Oil (TTO... More on the wonders of that later). Here are some ways I've used vinegar with much success!!

* I spray pure vinegar on my floors and then wipe with a rag. You could also use a mop but I'm too lazy to get the thing out! Works just as good as Mr. Clean but I don't have to worry about any chemicals.

*All purpose cleaning. I spray it on my counters, stove top, etc for most of my cleaning purposes. If, for some reason I feel I need to disinfect, I spray my vinegar/TTO solution on instead

*Jericho's yeasty butt rash.... 1 cup of water + 1Tbsp of vinegar+ an hour of airtime cleared that thing right up. I have to warn you, for some reason that seemed to stop working when he was about 4 months old.

*Glass/mirror cleaner... Works awesome! Leaves no streaks!

*Laundry Soap bubble annihilater: Detergent residue is a cloth diaper mama's WORST enemy (besides brocolli poops). Vinegar is the answer to many CDing woes. I add vinegar to the rinse cycle to disenigrate the suds and prevent detergent build up on my diaps! It also helps neutralize the PH balance and remove stinkies

*Fabric softener: Same as above... Add vinegar to your rinse cycle for softer fabrics. Toss a couple tennis balls in the dryer to prevent static cling

*Sarah has used an open container of vinegar in her 'dog room' to get rid of dog smell

*And finally, let us not forget the ultimate use for vinegar: Salt and Vinegar Chips.... Yuummmmm.....

Here's a website with more uses than I could have thought of on my own:


  1. You can make your own dishwasher soap with lemon oil, bicarbonate soda and borax(0: I love the clean the windows with vinegar and water...jason insists one only needs water but I have to use the vinegar to get stuff as clean as he does with just water!

  2. Oh! I've been wondering about d/w soap!!! I just bought some lemon oil cuz I like the way it smells! Now I have something to do with it!!Thanks!!

  3. You can also put vinegar in the jet dry compartment of your dishwasher to make your dishes sparkle!