Friday, January 8, 2010

Home made *boogie wipes*

FINALLY! I have a sick baby to test out my newest creation! I received some Boogie Wipes as a shower gift. After reading the lable I realized I could TOTALLY make these!! (only minus the shady 8 syllable ingredients and preservatives). Here's my not-so-precise recipe SO FAR:

16oz mug
a pinch of sea salt
a centimeter of aloe juice
an entire vitamin E capsul
2 drops of lavender
a squirt of witch hazel
hot water to the top of the mug
whole leaf chammomile tea in tea strainer

I put all of the ingredients into the mug, poured hot (not boiling) water over the top and set the tea strainer in. Next I'm going to cut a flannel recieving blanket into squares (maybe 4"x4") soak and wipe away! I'll let y'all know how these work out!!


  1. I am about to do the same thing. I got some flannel fabric on sale and I am making my son a stack of spider man boogie wipes. I will make a saline solution much like ours only I will put it in a spray bottle so he can spray the wipe prior to using it. This way I do not have them getting dry or growing any mildew in a container. They are great to keep in your car with a ziploc baggie for any used ones. They are super absorbent for spills and for when the drive through forgets to give you napkins.

  2. how did this work out?