Thursday, January 14, 2010

Homemade diaper wipes

Let me just start off by saying I LOOOOOOVVVVEEE homemade diaperwipes! Almost as much as cloth diapering! Before Jericho was born, I bought 2 packs of those cheap, tiny Gerber washcloths from Babies-R-Us. After he was born, I quickly realized it is WAY easier to use our adult sized washcloths on him and use the baby size cloths on his butt. I have two recipes here. My *favorite* one and my *easy* one. I'll even include the one I started with in the very beginning before become freaked out by anything made by Johnsons and petroleum products (Yep, I'm one of THOSE! Haha). That one is easy to start with becuase who DIDN'T get a cornicopia of Johnson's baby wash/oils from their baby shower??? Here we go...

For all of these recipes simply mix up all the ingredients and pour over wipes. I prefer to store my wash (butt) cloths in an old plastic diaper wipes container and use as needed. Some people use a squirt bottle to spray each individual wipe. Do whatever works :-)

Before and after wipes solution was added

My *FAVORITE* recipe
4 cups of water (boiled and then cooled)
10 drops of Tea Tree Oil*
4 squirts of With Hazel
3/4 tsp + Olive oil**

My *Easy* recipe
4 cups of water (boiled and then cooled)
1/2 cup of aloe juice
10 drops of Tea Trea Oil*

My *first* recipe
(the one you can probably do without having to go buy anything special :-) I will say this one feels like HEAVEN on your hands after cleaning your baby's butt!!)

4 cups of water (boiled and then cooled)
A few drops of baby wash
A few drops of baby oil*

*I use a LOT of Tea Tree Oil becuase it's antifungal properties help immensly with Jericho yeast diaper rash issues. Also becuase I know it doesn't irritate him. You may want to start with less, like maybe 3-5 drops

**Olive oil and baby oil can cause your pocket diapers (with unnatural fiber like microfiber or microsuede) to repell almost immediately. With natural fibers (IE: cotton), it takes a bit longer but can still cause problems. I have 4 pocket diapers that weren't cheap so I switched to the *easy* recipe without oil...

For outings,we just either use disposable wipes or else pack some premoistened cloth wipes into my small plastic case or a ziploc.

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