Monday, January 4, 2010

Tim O'shea...

This guy has some compelling, fascinating points. I've read his book Sanctity of Human Blood: Vaccination is Not Immuni$ation and that's what really got me thinking about the safety of vaccines. I'd love to hear your input about this article. He scratches the surface of a wide spectum of topics from Vaccines to Formula to Raw milk. The intro to his website raises one my FAVORITE points:

The U.S. has more doctors and drugs and interventions than any civilization in history. We also have more asthma, diabetes, cancer, heart disease, depression, arthritis, allergies, digestive disorders, obesity than any other civilization in history. I'll even throw my 2 cents in and add we have one of the HIGHEST newborn/mother mortality in the industrial world. My question, and the question O'Shea expounds on: WHY???

If this intrigues you, be sure to read the other topics he covers under "Chapters" to the left of the page...

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