Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Charlie's Soap!

OK, the UPS man finally delivered my Charlie's Soap laundry detergent. I am in LOVE! For 15.49 plus shipping you get 80 loads of laundry out of one bag. I'm not sure of the math here, but my Planet detergent was like 9.50 for 20 loads. For 80 loads of Tide, it's around $28.
All you need is ONE tablespoon of detergent. Really. I tested it. I am one of those who try to pack as much as humanly possible into my wash. "Super load" barely scratches the surface of what I cram in there. I still only needed one tablespoon. Even Jaden's dingy grease-soaked mechanic clothes came out clean. The baby's burp rags were so soft I used one as a blanket for a nap or two. It is completely non-toxic, has no harsh enzymes, toxic brighteners, fragrances, whiteners, softeners or any other additives. It's cloth diaper friendly (and EFFECTIVE!!) and you can even use it for baby clothes. I like that I can just toss in dirty bibs and slobbered on onsies with our grown-up cloths.
One word of caution: when using an enzyme free detergent, it is NOT wise to switch back and forth between enzyme-containing detergents. It will cause re-depositing (enzymes, I think, I have to double check my sources) on your clothes. This can wreak havoc on cloth diapers. When switching to Charlie's Soap (or Planet, Country Save or any other non-enzyme detergent), simple run an empty load (some say it's better to toss in some old rags) with the new detergent prior to actual use.
I have yet to find a flaw with Charlie's Soap. It's CHEAP, gentle and gets my stuff clean.
"If you want flowers, go pick some."

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