Friday, February 5, 2010

It has been brought to my attention....

That my cloth diaper wash routine is an information overload! Never fear, readers, I am going to simplify it! I think I'll do a basic wash routine in one blog and a troubleshooting one in another. As I mention toward the end of the overload, here is the best way to start with washing:

Cold Wash w/no detergent
Hot Wash w/ 1/2 the manufacter's recommended amount of detergent*

*It's best to use a detergent free of dyes, fragrance, enzymes and brighteners such as Planet or Charlies soap. Lots of people get away with Tide free and clear or All Free and clear with no problems

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  1. Quick Q-do you do both a cold and warm wash cycle, or is it just one or the other?