Friday, February 26, 2010

My confession!!!

OK, I so didn't stick with the honey treatment for acne. In fact, *don't judge me* but I even stopped washing my face altogether. Now it's even worse!!! In my defense Jericho caught Pneumonia and then I went away on vacation with the babes by myself. My mind was occupied and if I had to choose between washing my face and sleep, I always choose sleep :-) I will start again hopefully soon! Oh, I have started taking Cod Liver Oil supplements so I'm hoping that will help a bit from the inside! :-)


  1. LOL! I tend to choose sleep myself! Good luck on the second time around (and I hope Jerico's doing better!).

  2. I am just about to start using Manuka honey. I just have to buy the right one. I am going to get one with a UMF of 15 or higher. My face is a mess! It has never ever been this bad...I have been using proactiv but it freaks me out to think of all the chemicals in it. I hope it helps and I can't wait to hear about your progress as well! p.s...before I actually researched what kind of Manuka honey works best, I bought the presidents choice brand. I used it for a full week. At first it looked like it was working then after about 6 days my face broke out sooooo bad! After I looked into it and emailed Presidents Choice to see what the UMF is in their honey (it does not have one!!) I realized I made a HUGE mistake using that kind!!!!! So, I am going to start over!

  3. hey heather! i only use water on my face(0: i used to have acne until i cut out my dietary allergies. dairy and gluten sensitivities are two of the top causes along with an over production of testosterone ( my sister has that). it took three weeks to notice a difference.