Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Ways to make Cloth diapers more absorbant

Let's face it. Disposable diapers have ONE distinct advantage to cloth. They hold a LOT more moisture, although one could argue as to whether or not that's actually good for the baby. This makes creativity a virture when it comes to nighttime or other times when you need to go longer between changes.

I used to use my BumGenius 3.0 pocket diapers for nighttime use. Well.... I washed them with Tide (no-no #1), used diaper cream in them (no-no #2) and washed them with my cloth wipes that had olive oil in them (no-no #3). I'm currently working on trying to get those up and running again. Here's what we've resorted to:

There is a LOT you could do, but this is what I do:

Supplies needed:

Cheap microfiber (such as a Sham-Wow!)

I got this stuff at Target for super cheap and then cut it into 5x12'' pieces. I would recommend skinnier pieces. Maybe 3.5x10. Don't let this touch your wee-one's skin directly. I recommend two strips on the outside of the prefold and inside the diaper cover


Fleece is an AWESOME material to have on hand. Have you ever washed a fleece blanket and noticed how it felt when you took it out of the wash to put into the dryer? It feels dry even when it's wet. Fleece makes an awesome 'stay dry liner'. It's also great for when you need to use a barrier cream of some sort on a rashy bum. It protects your diaper from absorbing the cream and having a moisture barrier of it's own (also called repelling). I need to test my theory but I almost think Jericho sleeps for longer night stretches when I use fleece.

Old, outgrown Pre-Fold diapers

This is the progression of Jericho's prefolds. He started off in the newborn size on the top of the pile. He is now somewhere inbetween the red-edged diapers and the bottom blue edged diapers (although neither of these is wide enough for my stocky little guy). We mostly use the newborn size as a diaper "doubler" at night.

Here is how Jericho's butt looks at night:

Baby butt
Normal prefold diaper, snappied
2 sham-wows folded up into a newborn sized prefold
Diaper cover

When we're done with our handiwork, our son looks like a "Who". I will have to get some pictures before we go back to our BumGenius!

Other stuff you could do (that I have no expierence with)

*Buy Hemp or Cotton premade Diaper Doublers
*Silk Liners. I hear these have natural healing properties and feel wonderful on a red baby butt.
*Flushable liners (these are great for baby poop)

You can find all of this stuff at http://www.greenmountaindiapers.com

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