Sunday, March 21, 2010

Easy home treatment for diaper rashes

A very rashy Jericho, three months old

Jericho is extremely prone to yeast rashes and has been that way since he was a week old. You will know it's yeast because yeast rashes don't go away with typical treatments. In fact, cornstarch, the main ingredient in baby powder, FEEDS the yeast, causing an even worse rash. Yeast looks kind of pimply and spotty. You can google image to find some dramatic (*gag*) pictures of yeast rashes. Hint: make sure you type in the word "BABY" with the words "yeast rash"!!! Here is a link to a picture of Jericho rash:

Jericho eventually went on prescription cream but not only did it NOT help, the steroids in the cream caused him to break out with sores (picture:

Here are my suggestions:

If it's not yeast:

Make sure your baby is ALWAYS dry when putting on the next diaper

Have some naked time on a water proof pad. Lots of naked time!

If you have an aloe plant, squeeze some of the liquid onto your finger and then onto your baby's butt. If you don't have a plant you can also use 100% aloe from the store.

Let your baby sit in a sitz bath with baking soda

Use Lansinoh as a barrier instead of Desitin or Butt Cream. The pure lanolin in Lansinoh doesn't dry out your LO's delicate skin. Whenever you apply a barrier, make sure the skin is absolutely dry underneath it or else you make trap moisture under the barrier! If you use cloth diapers, make sure to line the diaper with old, cut up strips of fleece blanket.

Stop using commercial baby wipes. These can be quite harsh! We use baby washcloths in a solution of about 1 part water, 1 part aloe juice and 10 drops of Tea Tree Oil (Aloe and TTO you can buy at the store. We use TTO to help combat yeast). In a pinch, I would recommend just using plain ol' water on a paper towel. A bit of witch hazel will make certain your LO's butt gets clean after poop.

Treatment of a yeast rash, do all of the above and also:

Mix 1 cup of water to 1 tbs of vinegar. Apply on the rash with a cotton ball 2-3 times a day. This works especially good if you let your baby be naked for 30 min to an hour. Vinegar is an antifungal. You can even use a bit of garlic juice! I've done it! It smelled weird but when I get desparate I'll do anything ;-) Garlic is a very good antifungal.

Make sure your baby's butt has time to completely dry before putting on the diaper. Extra points for naked time in the sunshine!

Add Tea Tree Oil to your wash cycle if you're using cloth diapers

If you're breastfeeding, start drinking Kefir and/or Kombucha. Kefir has the benefits of yogurt but like 800 times more cultures and will be passed to your baby through your milk. Kombucha works against yeast and helps fight it.This has worked WONDERS for Jericho!!!!!!!!!! I bet you could even put kefir on his little tush!

Apply extra virgin coconut oil to the affected area. Coconut oil is an antifungal, as well. Plus it smells soooo good!

Give your baby an Saccharomyces boulardii supplement. This is a type of yeast used to combat Candida.

Here is a link to a thread on diaperswappers about the treatment of rashes and also suggestions of diaper creams that are organic and can be used with cloth diapers.


  1. my son is yeasty as well. because i work outside the home and he goes to daycare, it's hard for me to give him lots of naked time during the day. naked time has helped a lot after baths and on weekends.
    he has a milk allergy so no yogurt for me (still breastfeeding 2x a day) or for him (he's just over a year old).
    thanks for the great suggestions.

  2. You're welcome :-) It's hard having a yeasty baby. And I'll freely admit that even as a stay at home mama we only do nakey time maybe once a week!

  3. Hahah! I just went to see how the pictures of Jericho's rash/sore I linked to turned out! Sorry for the poop residue! That kept happening even though I practically scrubbed his tushy. I couldn't see it at the time (even on the tiny screen of my camera)but the flash apparently highlighted what I missed! Oops!

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