Sunday, March 28, 2010

How quickly they grow...

I'll be honest with you and just come out and say it. I love reminscing. I'll also be honest and say that this may not intrigue anyone but me. :-) I look back at Jericho's newborn pictures and scroll through just about his entire life pretty regularly. OK, I lied. I don't start with the newborn stage, I start with my very first + pregnancy test picture!

One thing that always strikes me is how quickly he went from the newborn stage to the infant stage. If you've read my post about postpartum depression you may have rightly gathered that I wasn't fully present enough to enjoy and appreciate (or even care, really) what was happening before my very eyes. I litterally went to bed one night with a gangly, splotchy, lovely newborn and woke up the next morning to a delicious, chubby, smooth complexioned little guy. You can see the transformation by looking at how the velcro on his diaper is spread apart. Absolutely amazing.

These pictures were taken a week apart but show the transformation best. Jericho is 12 days old in the first picture and 19 days old in the 2nd.


  1. Hethir, I love your blog, it's so honest and amazing. It's nice to see someone REALLY talking about motherhood, ya dig?

  2. I love it! I take a picture of Violet every week and they are hanging up in her room- it is amazing to see how she has changed and grown over the weeks. Such a joy to watch (though I wish she could stay small forever!)

  3. Thanks, Nissa! I love your blog, too! If you're ever in the area you'll have to come cook me so delicious grub. I've been trying to branch away from hotdogs and tuna helper, lol!!

    Helen, i wish I could have done that! That's really cool! I keep telling Jericho to stop growing (but please start sleeping through the night!!) but he's not listening :-(