Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Pertussis and Vaccination...

OK, as of yet I haven't posted much about vaccines. I still feel as though I need to do more research using the CDC's own website and then go from there. Here is one example I have found.

The conclusion of this study is that people who ARE vaccinated for Pertussis can be silent carriers of Pertussis; transmitting it to the vaccinated and unvaccinated alike. This terrifies me. The wording is a bit overwhelming in this study but you can cut to the chase by scrolling down to the "conclusion" part of it. Here are some quotes from the study (again, from the CDC's own study)

"We also observed that DPT vaccine does not fully protect children against the level of clinical disease defined by WHO"

"Vaccinated adolescents and adults may serve as reservoirs for silent infection and become potential transmitters to unprotected infants"

Here's the link

I found this link on my new favorite blog Mrs. Informed:


  1. I found the link to your blog through WTE June 09 :) I am an all organic mama who has not vaccinated my son. Did you decided not to vaccinate as well? Feel free to email me @!! :-)

  2. Hi!!! I replied to your post on the green board, also. Yep, no vaccines for us!! I didn't know there were more of us non-vaxing mamas on there! :-)

  3. Hi momma!! I am from the June 09 board as well and we are back and forth with vaccines. The only ones we have given are DPT and I often wonder if we made the right decision? Have you ever heard of Mary Tocco? She has a wealth of knowledge concerning vaccines. This isn't a topic I would ever want to post on the board, but it's good to know there are other mommas like me out there :)