Sunday, May 9, 2010

Tidbits over the last month!

My, oh, my! Tomorrow marks one month since I last blogged! Lots of stuff to write about, so little time! Here are the highlights that I'm hoping I will expand on later:


I've started milling my own flour from whole wheat berries!

This is the type of mill I purchased for $269. A Nutrimill!

There is soooo much more behind flour and bread than I ever knew. Before January I couldn't have even told you that flour comes from wheat! Here's what my friend Fran has taught me:

Did you know that home grinding is not any more difficult than grinding your own coffee beans and is the ONLY way to garuantee that you are, in fact, eating the WHOLE grain. Store bought "whole grain" flour (or bread) is almost always nothing more than plain ole' white flour with enough bran thrown back in to give it the tell tale brown color that says "healthy". You're missing the wheat germ, wheat germ oil and middlings thus missing out on untold nurtrients and health benefits. Store bought whole grain bread is almost always the same thing as well as dense and heavy. Definetly not the delicious, light, extravagantly flavorful WHOLE GRAIN bread Fran has inspired me to bake (after 12 loaves, I'm allllmost there!). Plus, like coffee beans and cheese, whole milled the grain starts to deteriorate. Fresh is the way to go!!

I recommend reading the book Flour Power for more info about whole grain and the travesty that is white bread.

Tradition foods diet:

I've been reseaching the Weston A. Price methodology of eating for quite a few months, now. Dr. Price was a dentist in the early/mid 1900's who traveled the world studying the effects of diet on the health of different cultures (specifically their teeth). Upon noticing that the apparent amazing health and stature of the inhabitants of many indiginous cultures and the lack of "plagues of modern civilization" wrote a book called "Nutrition and Physical Degeneration". His work has been dissected and studied by two main groups: the Weston A. Price Foundation and the Price-Pottinger Nutritional Foundation.

Here is a semi-breakdown of how these diets encourage us to eat (I'm choosing to post the ones that I specifcally aim for in our household. Emphasis on aim! Our diet is still terrible around here!):


Whole, natural, able-to-spoil foods

Organic everything (as much as you can, anyway)

Plenty of homemade stocks made from chicken or beef bones

Eat plenty of healthy, natural fats (NOT trans-fats)

Organ meats, specifically liver

Dairy in it's raw form and from pasture fed cows (or goats)

Plenty of fermented goods: kefir, kombucha and fermented vegetables

Take a daily supplement of Cod Liver Oil (fermented, high vitamin, if possible)

Breads made from sprouted whole-grains

All supplements should be natural and vitamins food based


Refined, white flour

Refined, white sugar (limit all sweeteners)

Artificial sweeteners, colors and flavors (yuck, anyway)


Cooking in non-stick cookware

Microwave cooking

Here's a link to more guidelines:

Antibiotic research:

I don't know why but for some reason I've been coming across a lot of things about the detriment of the overuse of antibiotics. I had no idea how important it was to limit the use of them for true need. I also had no idea that I, myself helped created drug-resistant strains of bacteria by stopping Jericho's antibiotic use 3 days early when he had pneumonia. Turns out that by doing so, it was more likely that only the weaker bacteria were killed, leaving the stronger ones to not only thrive but possibly mutated into resistant strains. I read that it's only a matter of time before antibiotics are obsolete which is why it's imparative to use good judgement when dispensing them.

I'm working on a blog with more detail as well as how to help your body recover soundly if you must take these meds. Antibiotics are not friendly to our systems and can actually cause a lot of damage leaving our immune systems weaker in the long run. Please google what to do if you or your child needs antibiotics.

Medicine chest:

I've been working on stocking up on natural remedies; herbal and homeopathic. After our most recent Tylenol/Motrin recall, I've decided I'm going to try even harder to avoid such harsh remedies. I threw out my Motrin (OK, it was empty, anyway) and replacing the harsh stuff with natural stuff. Here's what I have, so far:

Olive Leaf and Black Walnut tinctures: Helps with nausea and vomiting

Wellness Herbal Kids by Source Naturals: boosts children's immune systems with Ecinacea, Goldenseal, Yin Chiao Formula, etc. A good all around supplement for sick times

Grapefruit Seed Extract: detoxifier, also good for stomach flu/food poisening

Ecinacea and Zinc: both good to use while sick

Vitamin D as Cholcalciferol

Homeopathic Ipecacuanha: Stops vomiting with hypersalivation

Homeopathic Belladonna: for fever with redness that comes suddenly

Homeopathic euphrasia officinalis: Helps with eye irration with drainage (Jericho has pinkeye right now)

Hylands homeopathic remedies: Teething tablets, Colic tabs and Calms for my occasional insomnia

Here's a GREAT forum post for stocking up! From Mean Rooster Soup.

Make Your Own Herbal First Aid

AWESOME forums:

I'm a forum addict!! These are my new favorite: Mothering Magazine forums

I especially love the "Traditional foods" and "I'm not vaccinating" boards.

Whew, I think that's about it! Oh! One last thing:

True detox:

Being a Christian, I've realized over the last few months that I've become such a die-hard anti-chemical health freak that I've neglected the most important definintion of health: spiritual. When I'm feeling especially honest and open, I'll admit that it's become somewhat of an idol in my life. As a result I've been feeling little joy and a lot of anxiety. Especially regarding Jericho's sleep habits (you can read more about how I tend to obsess about this in my postpartum depression post). At a brink of desparation from lack of sleep, I realized I was not only making an idol out of the day Jericho decides to sleep through the night but my life was on metephorical hold until then. "When Jericho sleeps better things will be perfect and I will start living my life."

It hit me that God has much more for me than just merely surviving. It is His will that I have life MORE abundantly. A life filled with purpose and joy; not later but NOW.

"Lord, detoxify my spirit. Get rid of the nasty impurities and additives in my own heart and mind as well as my body. Help me to seek true cleanliness and stop obsessing over trivial things. I want to live NOW. I want joy. I give you Jericho's sleep and I trust that You are in control and have me here for a reason. Amen"

I started doing my daily bible study again. I started praying with my son every morning and night. My new attitude is that if God wants Jericho to sleep, he will sleep. Nothing is out of God's control.

I am finally free.

I feel like a HUGE load has been taken off of my shoulders at just letting go. And you know what? Less than 3 days after I first let go, Jericho started sleeping better than ever! We're talking going from waking every hour for 4 weeks, 3 days (yep, I've kept count) to going to bed later (a good thing), waking for only 1 night feed and then sleeping in until at least 8:30.

Giving up is freedom. God is good!


  1. amen hethir! I am all for letting go and letting seems to be the time god always does more than I asked or imagined or strived for...I had given up hope of ever dating Jason again when he called out of the blue and here we are now(0: God is good!

  2. "For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, says the LORD, thoughts of peace and not of evil, to give you a future and a hope."
    Jeremiah 29:11

    I wrote this verse down for mom to give gma, but figured it's a good one for you, too!
    Thank you for being a sister I can look up to and trust!

  3. GREAT POST!! I am going to go check out my medicine cabinet and see what I can change up. Thanks for the info!!


  4. I love that verse, womanchild88!!! One of my all time favorites! Thank you!!

    And thank you Mama! Good luck! It's fun stocking up! :-)

  5. Kattie (womanchild), I DIDN'T KNOW YOU HAD A BLOG!!!!!!! What the heck??? LOL!