Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Feminine issue #2 Mastitis

I'm not sure what my body's been telling me lately but I have had three infections in the last couple months. Mastitis twice and the yeast/BV issue once. Here is how I combated Mastitis without needing antibiotics:

Oh! Wait- I need to throw out there, I am not your doctor. I am not telling you to forgo your doctor either! I am simply letting you know how I handled Mastitis without needing antibiotics. Please use your best judgement, here. Here we go:

Lots of nursing on the infected side, rest (HA!) and water

Lots of raw garlic (you can either cut up the cloves like pills and down em or do what I do now and make garlic mashed potatoes with raw garlic. I did 3 red potatoes with 3 raw garlics smashed in)

Ecinacea and goldenseal (it's a children's mixture with honey and peppermint and it is delicious! You could use any ole ecinacea and goldenseal, though)

Oil of Oregano: YUCK! It's supposed to work wonders for your body, though. I've heard of people healing from food poisoning and GI bugs within minutes after taking this

A newcomer: Blackstrap molasses stirred into warm (soy or coconut) milk. YUM! Tastes like a yummy chai tea! BS molasses is supposed to help with bring down (or is it up?) the overall pH of your bodies. An acidic body (from drinking too much coffee, perhaps?) is a body that will get sick. Since this is the 3rd infection, I'm suspecting something is up.

Raw applecider vinegar: I haven't started this yet but it also helps with body acidity. I will start this one soon. You mix 2 tbsps of ACV in with a glass of water and a ton of honey.

The first time I had Mastitis it went away after taking my 2nd whole garlic clove in 12 hours. I also did the ecinacea and goldenseal as well as raw honey. The main thing you want to do is anything that will boost your immune system. Hope this helps someone!


  1. I am filing this away for future use! I just heard of echinacea and goldenseal recently. I was pleased when I was told to take elderberry syrup for a viral infection I had and it helped. I've been trying to discover more natural remedies to keep in my medicine closet! Thanks for the info. :)

  2. There is a Bowenwork procedure (Chest procedure) that has been stated as helpful for mastitis, also for breast engorgement or milk regulation. It is one of those procedures that is easy to teach for self use and is recommended to be performed regularly for breast health.