Friday, January 14, 2011

For those who don't already know....

This was my surprise almost three weeks ago:

PRAISE GOD!!!! We've been trying for 6+ months. In the beginning of December I came across a copy of Taking Charge of Your Fertility at the Goodwill. I learned IN DEPTH ways of tracking ovulation and I'm happy to say it worked! I'm 6 weeks and my EDD is 9/6/2010. (Yes, I was only 3 weeks and some change when I found out! Ouch! That will make for a lonnnnnggg pregnancy! LOL.)

I've also been on a mission to straighten out my hormones. I honestly didn't think I was ovulating. I had all of the classic inovulatory symptoms. My ND and I were working toward getting things in order so I could conceive (you can read a teeny bit about that here). The first thing my Naturopath had me do was cut down on caffeine (I went from 6-8 shots a day to 1-2) and eat regularly (still struggle there, especially now). She put me on Rhodiola to support my thyroid, a liver cleanse, followed by a liver support (I have symptoms of "liver congestion". These include impaired hormone function as well as anger issues. Weird, eh?). She explained to me that your liver is a HUGE player in hormone regulation. I also started taking Maca powder (1tsp a day) and Vitex (I capsule a day. Note: Vitex can take 3-5 cycles to start working. Keep at it). I believe that when your entire body is healthy, each individual part will be healthy (ie: take care of your entire body and your hormones [or skin, hair, moods, etc] will thank you). I also cut back on sugar, started taking a quality probiotic and started supplementing my Vitamin D (I happen to be horribly deficient).

I think that's about it! I foresee myself going back to the topic of pregnancy and birth a lot on my blog. It's on the forefront of my mind, again :-)


  1. I'm so glad to hear that you have a copy of "Taking Charge of Your Fertility." It's an excellent book and also works in reverse as a natural way to prevent pregnancies. And congrats on being pregnant again!! =)

  2. Love that Book! Helped us a lot too!
    Btw i was wondering were you still breastfeeding when you became pregnant?
    Im wondering if i have to stop breastfeeding when i want to become pregnant again. ( not till Fee is 1 year though haha)
    - bjorna

  3. (This is Heather) Thanks, ladies! Bjorna, you can totally nurse throughout pregnancy! The only issue would be if the mom has a history of premature labor. From what I've read a pregnant women's milk tends to decline sharply toward the end of the 1st trimester. I also hear that it can be painful (my nipples are pretty sore already!). Apparently a lot of toddlers wean during pregnancy. I thought that that was what I wanted but now I'm realizing that I'm not ready for Jericho to wean yet!!!! And neither is he. I'm hoping my milk stays. Hope that helps a bit :-)

  4. Congratulations :) What a blessing!