Friday, January 28, 2011

Pregnancy, So Far....

How I've Been Feeling:

Simply put, this pregnancy is SOOOOO different! With Jericho I hardly felt any different until close to 15 weeks. I'm apparently one for strange aversions and with Jericho, olive oil and the Autumn made me feel gaggy (I call it "freak me out"). With this pregnancy, the EXACT day I turned 6 weeks, EVERYTHING started freaking me out. If I ate it or came in contact with it from the time I became pregnant it "freaked me out". So far on my list: chicken, soy milk, The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf coffee joint in Arizona, the entire state of Arizona, Whole Foods stores, chicken, LIVER, cloth diapering, mochas, did I say chicken?! The list is basically infinite by now. I'm feeling yucky just typing this. I haven't thrown up, though!!

Just like when I was pregnant with Jericho, I've experience a lot of cramping. It feels like my period is about to happen and I fully expect to see blood in the toilet when I pee! I've also started peeing like crazy and my nose has been running like crazy. The joy of pregnancy!

I'm shocked at how easy I forget that I'm pregnant! At first I was completely AMAZED that I actually ovulated! And beyond! What a miracle! But now I'm excited to get to the next thing. Baby movement! I felt it super early with Jericho (15 weeks) and am hoping to this time! My midwife said she expects around 12-14 weeks. She says that she has clients who claim they've felt their babies at 10 (!) weeks and she believes them because she did, too! Wouldn't that just be AWESOME!!!!

Stressing out:

It was my goal to eat a perfect, whole foods diet so that I didn't have to rely on vitamins. I recently learned that folic acid is a synthetic, chemical version of Folate that only 50% of women can even absorb. I ventured to get Folate from foods (hence trying liver) but I can't. I simply can't. The only thing I can eat peacefully is junk. Hot dogs. Hot pockets. Freezer pizza. Mmmmmm.... I'm failing horribly and it's scary to me because I believe diet is our key to health and weeks 5-8 of pregnancy are SUPER sensitive to diet.

I don't have health insurance. We will be paying out of pocket for all of our care (unless a miracle happens, which we recently found out is possible!). If I give birth at the birth center, it'll cost us $5000. If I have a homebirth, it will cost $3500. I'd be all for home except that my tub is too small and a bit gross. Also, we're renting right now and I'd get too attached to EVER leave this home, EVER!

Tidbits and pictures:

Yes, I'm still nursing Jericho. I a bit worried for myself because I was 8 lbs less than my prepregnancy weight prior to getting pregnant (THANK YOU, breastfeeding!) but now I'm continuing to lose weight. There is no risk (I repeat: NO risk) at all to my pregnancy or to Jericho if I continue to breastfeed. The risk is on my own health and wellbeing if I'm not taking in enough food. Hopefully my appetite picks up soon!

I always thought I'd 'help' him wean by getting pregnant. Now I'm upset at that thought. Simply put, the boy is not ready to wean and neither am I. I love knowing that he is getting perfect nutrition, protein, healthy fats, etc through breastmilk. It's our insurance. I've heard that pregnancy can make nursing extremely painful and that some mother's milk will dry up in the first trimester. My nipples have been a teeny bit sore and from what I can see I'm still making plenty of milk so I'm happy. I have no plans and will just see what happens. It would be great for Jericho to wean because *he's* ready, not because I got pregnant. But honestly, I've never been one to preticularly enjoy nursing and the idea of nursing two freaks me out more than a tiny bit. I will do what's best for my children, though. We are hoping to nightwean, here shortly, though. We will be using the Dr. Jay Gordon Method (I will provide links later, hopefully).

Oh! I've been pretty torn about getting ultrasounds. Like I said, I'm uninsured and the last thing we need is to drive the price even higher. I am also starting to believe that they are harmful. But when we were offered to get a U/S for free to see our little fetus I couldn't resist the chance to see that wonderful heartbeat. What can one hurt? I had almost 10 with Jericho and I fully regret that, now. Also, unless that miracle happens there is no way we'd be able to afford the anatomy scan at 18 weeks. It's looking like I'll be finding out the gender as (God willing) Jaden hands me our slippery, blue newborn. <3

I am so, totally, incredibly thankful that God saw fit to bless us with another child. Pregnancy is truly an amazing, miraculous miracle and I'm honored to be a part of it! Praise God!!

8 Weeks

Don't mind the stretch marks, heh, heh


  1. I don't see any stretch marks!(0: My friend did a home old midwife quoted me 1900 for a homebirth...500 to rent a tub. They deliver it when you go into labor or something like that. Medical care is SO expensive!!

  2. I absolutely loved my homebirth! (Well, the one with Aaliyah, Ariana's was a LITTLE less conventional!) Our midwife charged $2200 but that was in Spokane. Have you looked around a little? I didn't know you were still nursing! I nursed Aaliyah through the first trimester with Ariana. It WAS painful, and then she self-weaned. I'm glad we did though. I would have liked to have gone a little longer! I don't know about the ultrasound though. I've heard both sides of it and am not sure what to think. I was glad to do the anatomy check (although she was still a surprise baby) and we did one right at the end because her heart rate was so low at the prenatal appointment.

    Anyway, thanks for posting and congrats! What a marvelous journey! :)