Wednesday, February 9, 2011

10 Weeks!

Nothin' yet!!

Ten weeks has been a busy week in my uterus! We had our first (and probably only) ultrasound on Sunday. Our little babes measured almost exactly where I calculated and was moving around a ton! Last week I started having Braxton Hicks contractions (CRAZY, right?!) but it's only when I'm dehydrated. At first I thought I was getting crampy but then I noticed the cramps were coming and going. I've been able to externally feel my uterus for the last week or so and I could feel that it was super tight. It happened all day Saturday and a bit on Sunday. It stopped after I chugged a TON of water. Oh, and hello toilet! I'm running to the bathroom CONSTANTLY! I've also started getting round ligament pains when I stand up too quickly. My nausea and exhaustion are subsiding! I'm not sure if it's because I've been semi-careful to eat more regularly or if it's just the timing.

I'm definitely pregnant :-)

OK. Believe me or don't. Just keep in mind that I know my body and am very in tuned. OK. I felt my first flutter of movement just over a week ago. It was the day I turned 9 weeks. I was driving to get coffee and as I turned a corner I felt a goldfish go "Floooop!" in my uterus. I KNOW it wasn't gas or intestinal churning because I've never felt anything like this before. It was definitely in my uterus. Even when I first felt Jericho, it never felt like a goldfish. More like someone flicking my from the inside. I haven't felt it since but I can't wait for more movement!!

I've been racking my brain, trying to figure out what sort of water birth I want if we do end up birthing at home. I've come to the conclusion that I'll probably decide in the late weeks of pregnancy if I'll be birthing at home or at the birth center. If I birth at home, I want an AWESOME, creative spot to birth. So far ideas I've had or got from friend are:

Birth outside in a clawfoot tub heated by a camping stovetop (I have official directions for how to do this- please overlook the 'shadiness' of my description :-)

For an outside birth- hang up curtains from clothlines as well as twinkle lights and lanterns. Have a table nearby for candles and aromatherapy

Birth inside (in my kitchen) in said clawfoot tub, a farm feeding trough (check this out:, a rented birth tub (I have a bad feeling about rented birth tubs- I'm not clear why, I just do. I'm feeling like I need a HARD tub) or really big jetted tub that we'd rig up in the kitchen. Possible? I dunno.

Birth inside or outside in an unhooked up hot tub filled with water from a hose from our sink (I have a feeling I'd have issues with keeping the water the right temp- I'm picky enough as is let alone in labor).

Convince Jaden to take on a bathroom renovation with the $1500 we save by birthing at home ;-)

Convince Jaden to buy one of those cool but overly priced portable hot tubs they sell at the fair. Oh, my gosh. We could keep that in our bedroom!! That would be awesome.

I'm really drawn to the ideas that will help my postpartum and beyond, also. How fun would it be to have a nice soak in an outside tub? How much more fun would it be to give two kiddos their baths outside in the clawfoot?

I'm already making lists of stuff we need for another baby. If it's a boy, the list is pretty simple. More cloth diapers. Wool everything. A woven wrap. For a girl? I didn't even bother listing things. I just wrote: "girl EVERYTHING!!".

I'm also compiling stuff for my postpartum period. I'll try to devote a blog post just for this. I've learned a thing or two in my postpartum doula experience and well as "I've already been there" experience that I will list for you. Basically, I'm taking the tribal woman route. I had a really, REALLY hard time last time during my first postpartum and I will go to almost any measure to have an enjoyable postpartum. Oh, how wonderful would it be to spend new mama-hood basking in the delicious enjoyment of a newborn instead of the being lost in "blues" (or "blacks", haha. "Fiery reds?" "Blues" sound so benign and innocent).

Hmmm... I do believe that is all! Do mean a favor! If you happen to stumble upon a GRAND idea for a creative home waterbirth, let me know!! :-)

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  1. I really like option 2! It sounds so magical and beautiful!!!