Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Bonus Post :-)

I found this birth plan! I love it! It's a bit more friendly than my original idea of having my birth plan simply say, "Hands Off, Please".

From what I understand birth plans are supposed to be friendly and very positive. The idea is that you want to come across as friendly so that your hospital birth team will be more willing to work with you. I'm struggling with that because in my mind, it's my birth and if I get transferred to the hospital I'm not there to make friends. This may just my chip on my shoulder. And it could very well be linked to ignorance. I plan on talking to a few doula friends and my midwife later and seeing what they say.

I'm also toying with the idea of having a C-Section plan. There are certain medicines that I want to avoid. And that's just the tip of the ice berg. But I'm also feeling like I don't even want to let my mind go there. Fear is NOT something you want to bring into your pregnancy and I have a feeling that the research involved would lead me to greater fear. Here is an article about an ideal C-Section:

In case anyone is curious, here is what my in-case-of-hospital-transfer birth plan said during my last pregnancy. As you can see it is very long. Now that I know more about birth, I have a bunch of things that I would add. I highly doubt that this would get read if it were any longer, though:

Jaden and Heather Songstad

Cascade Midwives and Birth Center

EDD: 6/17/2009

We would like to let you know that we have been taking the Bradley Method Childbirth classes in preparation for our son’s arrival. We strongly believe in the philosophy and methods used in having the most natural childbirth possible. We have been careful to eat well and stay fit, and have done everything we can to stay healthy and have an ucomplicated labor. However, we understand that complications do arise and can be unpredictable. You have our full cooperation in the best interest for our son’s health, yet we ask to please allow us to be involved in any decision making concerning the well being of our son if intervention is needed. Please understand we feel very strongly about being informed and aware of any dangerous medical conditions or emergency procedures before they are to be performed. Thank you for taking the time to listen to our needs and concerns! Our baby’s father, Jaden, will be the primary coach during labor and delivery

Our Environment preferences are:

*To be able to have music playing

*To maintain a peaceful and relaxed atmosphere w/quiet voices and dim lighting

*To have no extraneous hospital staff present, including residents or students

*To be able to adjust the room temperature to our preference if possible

*To have privacy when needed

*To be allowed to consume healthy beverages, ice chips, popsicles and small snacks for energy if labor is prolonged.

Our Labor preferences are:

* To have a natural, drug free labor with no stripping of the membranes or pitocin. Should augmentation become truly medically warranted, we prefer natural methods such as nipple stimulation or thumb sucking. We do not, under any circumstances want cytotec (Misoprostol).

*Vaginal exams only upon consent and as few and gentle as possible

*To have intermittent fetal monitoring

*If an IV is necessary, we would prefer to have only to have a hep-lock

*For pain control, massage, water therapy and relaxation are our preferred methods. We are aware of the many pain medications available. Please do not offer medication, we will ask if we need it

*To have the freedom to move, walk around, change positions and go into the bath or shower during the laboring process and practice what we’ve learned in our Bradley Method birthing classes

*For second stage labor, we would like to push using whichever position works best for us, including squatting

*To avoid tearing by taking the crowning stage slowly and controlled with the use of a warm compress, perinea massage, ky jelly or oils and stretching. Unless I start to tear upwards, we would much prefer a tear to an episiotomy

*During the pushing stage, we prefer to push spontaneously

*To have our newborn delivered into his mother’s arms to breastfeed immediately and left there undisturbed for as long as possible

*To have the umbilical cord clamped only after all pulsation in the cord has ceased. Jaden would like to cut the cord.

*Also, please do not administer routine drugs for the third stage of labor, we would prefer natural expulsion of the placenta by breastfeeding and massage first

Our Newborn preferences are:

*One of the most important issues for us regarding birth is to be able to spend quality time bonds immediately after birth prior to routine checkups.

*To allow our son to be accompanied by his father or family member at all times if needed to be taken out of the room

*We will give the baby his first bath at home

*To breast feed AS SOON AS POSSIBLE after delivery. Please no bottles or pacifiers

*If our baby is to be circumcised in the hospital, we request he be given pain medication

*We wish to waive the administration of eye medications and opt to have only one PKU test at 10-14 days post-partum

*Do not administer the Hepatitis B Vaccination

In the event of a caesarean section, we prefer:

*It is critically important to us that Jaden, Heather, Susan and baby remain together at all times. Should the baby need to be taken to the nursery, Jaden will accompany baby while Susan stays to support Heather for the remainder of the surgery and recovery

*In the event a C-Section is necessary we request to please have one of the mother’s hands unrestrained and to be with the baby at all times

*We would prefer epidural anesthesia

Thank you again for your support!

Jaden, Heather and baby Songstad


  1. I had a c-section plan with Caeden... they actually followed all of it except the spinal, because I have rheumatoid arthritis and they couldn't insert it, and not putting latex on me, because they were morons. What I wish I'd had was a plan that just said "I am a human being. Treat me with respect."

  2. Oooh! I like that!!! "Treat me with respect" Thanks for the input, Christina!!